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Why choose me?

I have over 23 years experience in Electrical Diagnostics and Driveability and I enjoy what I do.  Here is the catch though, my experience is solely on HD.  I am also a ASE Cerified Master Transit Bus Tech and a L2 Advanced level Specialist with numerous factory certifications.  I am also proficient in the use of a Oscilloscope with tons of experience using one.  


How We Help

I can come directly to your shop and Train your Techs from Beginning to Advanced Electrical, Scan Tool Use, Diagnostic Techniques, and also if you purchase a ATS Escope  from me I provide Training for the tool on site for a nominal fee or I can provide Training via screenshare on your laptop or desktop for free!  And if you already own a Escope I will give online Training for the tool free of charge as well.


Experience the Difference

I think you will enjoy working with me because I am a specialist in HD Diagnostics that emphasizes using and instructing the latest Diagnostic Techniques with known good examples of my work which include waveforms and scan data analysis.  My instruction is straight to the point, I'm going to show you real world techniques to help you fix vehicles right the first time and not guess.  Also coming soon I will be performing Mobile Diagnostics.  Stay tuned for details.  However if I'm at your shop while Training and you have a vehicle you need assistance on I would be more than happy to assist and turn the problem vehicle into a learning experience for your Technicians.

Our Services


Featured Service #1

HD Training On Site.



Featured Service #2

I am a Distributor for Automotive Test Solutions.  I provide Training and Support for the Escope 4 and 8 channel Oscilloscopes.  I give HD Specific Training for these scopes.


Featured Service #3

Coming Soon I will be doing Mobile Diagnostics.  I will come right to your shop and assist you with your problem vehicle and I will train your Technicians while I am there also.

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